Charlie C

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Charlie C on Babestation TV

Charlie C

Nationality: English
Height: 5' 2
Measurements: 30 GG
Dress size: 6
Shoe size: 2.5

Charlie C's Profile

Charlie C's Profile


Charlie is an East Londoner with a passion for partying and the finer things in life. She’s very sociable creature, but manages to maintain a well rounded and balanced lifestyle by doing other things like visiting the gym 3-4 times a week.

Charlie joined us through her friendship with Babestation veteran Tiffany Chambers. The two of them were flatmates at the time and it just so happened that they were both at a party with one of the Babestation bosses in attendance. Charlie was noticed (hard not to really!) and low and behold, here she is six years later! She currently works on Babestation Daytime, Babestation X and Babestationcams. She has no real aspirations of doing anything else in the adult industry

Sex and the ideal man

Charlie is a bi-sexual babe that’s very much into dressing up in the bedroom in some of her sexiest gear. She’s very fond of her tiny feet too. Of course this is mainly attributed to the fact that she has so many foot fetish callers who simply love to see them. She tells us that most men are fascinated and turned on by her feet, whether they’re callers or guys she’s seeing at the time. Charlie isn’t too detailed when she describes her ideal man, however he must be athletic, ambitious, and have a good sense of humour.

Top Tips

Charlie loves her regular callers, but she’s very open to new guys if they can play the game with her and push the limits on Daytime. Charlie loves to be spoiled rotten too. She has an awful lot of fans out there and she adores every last one of them; especially when they send her gifts! She doesn’t have much time for the immature guys however, who simply ask her to get her tits out within the first 30 seconds of her call. A woman like Charlie C demands a certain level of respect guys, so make sure you give it to her!

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