Beth Bennett

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Beth Bennett on Babestation TV

Beth Bennett

Nationality: New Zealand
Height: 5’ 2
Measurements: 32 DD
Dress size: 10
Shoe size: 4

Beth Bennett's Profile

Beth Bennett's Profile


Beth is from New Zealand, but she’s been over here for over a year now and she’s getting pretty comfortable on Babestation. Before she decided to go travelling she studied at University in New Zealand, gaining a BA in Theatre and Media and a BCom in Marketing Management. This one has brains as well as beauty guys!

Beth is staying in London, but because she’s always working and hasn’t been here too long, she’s actually still enjoying sightseeing. She confesses to enjoying the whole “London thing” on the open top busses etc. She loves to travel, but has a particular fondness for London; we’re hoping this may keep her here for some time!

The Babestation experience all started for Beth when she simply applied and got accepted. It really doesn’t get any more complicated than that. Now she works on Babestation nights and does the occasional show on Babestation X. There is nothing like Babestation in New Zealand, the country is just too small; Beth tells us “The chances are you’d know someone who was on the show. Your uncle would be watching it or something, it would be hell.”

Sex and the ideal man

Beth tends to go for intelligent, tall and muscular men, and says she “can’t deal with stupidity.” She also dislikes guys who are “too showy, driving around in convertibles that there’s no need for in London.” Beth likes an assertive lover, someone who can take control and play a very masculine role. She’s quite a traditionalist when it comes to men and family and looks forward to a future as a wife and mother.

Top Tips

Beth gets a lot of “domination callers” and she’s rather partial to them. She’s not sure what it is about her that attracts them, but she’s happy to entertain. Beth is the type of girl who loves to indulge you with your fantasy, and has a fondness for those callers who have specific scenarios they’d like to share with her.

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