Hello my good fellows

My weekend was pretty darn awesome! With it being Guy Fawkes my friends and I went to the local fireworks display which also happened to have a bar. Yay! There’s only way to keep warm on a freezing cold night and that’s to drink! And drink we did! After that it was on to my friend Kelly’s house where she brought out a ridiculous amount of cheese based snacks. It’s lucky I’m not lactose intolerant!

So….I’ve been flicking through the channels recently, as I usually do when I’m chilling in the evening and it got me thinking; if I was to compile a list of my favourite babes, who would my top five be? So I figured what the heck?! Let’s do it!

I decided to dedicated today’s blog to the long standing, hard working babes who have put in the time and energy over the years to be the best of the best. Obviously all the girls are stunning with their own unique characteristics: all having hundreds, if not thousands of adoring fans, but this is MY top five. We all have our faves, as I’m sure you do too so don’t get your knickers in a twist if your favourite girl didn’t make it to my list. With new girls coming into the business and current girls putting in some sterling performances, the list can change on a dime.

Anyhoo, let’s get cracking! Here are my TOP FIVE Babestation babes!

5. Alice Goodwin – Alice Goodwin is a legend in this business! She’s kept her mystery by never posing fully nude, (or at least full frontal) and just oozez sex appeal. Her tall leggy frame and perfectly enhanced boobs make her the ultimate trophy!


4. Lori – I’ve known Lori for a long time and over the years I’ve seen her transform into the wavy haired brunette bombshell you see today. Her energetic and powerful performance on the show has made her one of the longest standing babes and she’s still to this day, at the top of her game.


3. Olivia – Miss Berzinc has an exotic and sultry appearance that I find totally mesmerising. She’s classy, captivating and extremely ladylike. I like how she carries herself on the show and she can rock a corset and a thong like no other! She looks like she’s stepped straight out of old Hollywood.


2. Dannii Harwood – Dannii has a proper mischievous glint in her eye that I find incredibly intriguing. On the show she’s always laughing and her smile just pulls you in. Her outfits are always diverse and flattering to her curvy figure and her positions are flexible. She’s incredibly hypnotic!


1. Preeti – As one of my good friends, Preeti is hands down my number 1 choice. She’s sexy as fuck with an ass so round you just can’t help but stare. She really is like a Sir Mixalot song “when a girl walks in with that itty bitty waist and that round thing in your face you get sprung”! Not only is she stunning but hilarious; coming out with one liners than result in the entire room erupting in fits of laughter. Definitely the best babe there is!


I hope you enjoyed my list of top five babes. Feel free to create your own list and share it with me. I’d love to see yours!

Catch you soon folks,

Reede xx

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