I don’t think there is a man on earth who doesn’t appreciate a pair of cracking cans dripping in oil!

I don’t what it is about oil that really amps up the sex appeal but when the Babestation girls crack out that bottle of oil you know you’re in for a good night. The way oil drips down a girls body really is a sight to behold; if poured generously the oil gushes over a ladies curves like a sexy waterfall, coating her in a slippery substance and making every part of her body shine.

Maybe it’s the shine that attracts us most. Just like magpies, humans tend to be drawn to shiny, pretty things and what could be more eye catching than a stunning woman dripping in warm oil? Here’s a rather mesmerising gif of Olivia Berzinc free pouring a hefty amount of oil all over than fantastic boobs.

Over the years many ideas have been tried and tested in the Babestation studio; some are fleeting, deemed as a instant failure whilst others are extremely successful. Introducing oil to the Babestation set all those years ago is a prime example of one of our many great successes. It continues to be hugely popular today. The phone lines go nuts when the girls start pouring oil dribble over their breasts and down the front of their panties. Preeti loves getting drenched in oil!

If these pictures don’t get you in the mood then please see a doctor as you may well be dead from the waist down. For those of you who now have a stirring in the trouser department then you know where to go to get some action. Here’s Beth bent over after covering herself in oil. Yum!

See you soon for even more oily tit pics.



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