Hello everyone! Some info about what’s coming up on Babestation Xtreme this weekend! We have live shows, brand new BSX films, new Killergram features as well as never-before-seen footage from previous Live shows; what happens when the camera stops rolling?

Some of the highlights:


  • LIVE SHOW featuring Tina Love and Rio Lee – should the be the usual schedule, with two segments between 12 and 1am.
  • Also, an exclusive new film with Lolly Badcock & Michelle Moist. The plot? Lolly is a working girl in Michelle’s whorehouse but Michelle thinks she can do better, so takes it upon herself to open Lolly up to some of the opportunities available Wink
  • Some unseen footage from the live show with Dani O Neil & Jamie Brooks


  • LIVE SHOW featuring Michelle Moist & Leah Jaye in her first Live show
  • Another new movie featuring Jada & Kimmy. This time Jada plays the high Class Escort helping Kimmy over her cheating Boyfriend.
  • Unseen footage from the live show we filmed a few weeks ago featuring Lolly & Angel

babeshows babe, Jada on Babestation Xtreme


  • Brand new & exclusive film with Lolly Badcock & Angel Long. The spotlight is on the golden chez lounge as Lolly tastes Angel in all the right & wrong places with her tongue going ten to the dozen and Angel loving it – Plenty of close ups!
  • Unseen footage with Michelle Moist & Evey from their super hot Live set
  • Plus super Hot sexy porno action with Dani, Karina, Camilla & More

In case you don’t know, Babestation Xtreme can be purchased for £5 behind the red button of Freeview channel 96, and at bsx.tv from 11pm. Show starts at midnight on channel 96!


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