With Christmas done and dusted and the temperature dropping faster than my knickers, it’d be all too easy to sink into those dreaded January blues – But we have the cure – a wet and wild weekend filled to the brim of tits and ass! You’re welcome!

Babestation Daytime
Friday 4th January
5am-2pm: Mica, Jasmine Marie, Tanya, Jessie B
12pm-8pm: Khloe Dash, Mila Amora, Dixie Love, Flick
2pm-10pm: Charlie C, Hannah C, Lucie Jones, Simone

Saturday 5th January
5am-2pm: Tanya, Charlie C, Tara T, Tegan
12pm-8pm: lucie Jones, Annie Mae, Lily
2pm-10pm: TJ Walker, Scarlett L, Tara May, Rochelle

Sunday 6th January
5am-2pm: Rochelle, Lucie Jones, Mia, Yasmine
12pm-8pm: Kitty King, Annie Mae, Kami, Kelsie
2pm-10pm: Katy Kourtney, Hannah, Kira Kady, Jay Scott

Babestation Nightshow
Friday 4th January
Kerrie, Preeti, Ashley, Danielle Louise, Cuba

Saturday 5th January
Kerrie, Alice, Lynda, Caty, Frankie, Mila

Sunday 6th January
Valentina, Alice, Lori, Aemelia, Frankie, Mila

Babestation Cams
Friday 4th January
Ashley Emma drizzles oil all over her delicious tits and ass! Midnight-1am

Also on Friday…
Olivia Berzinc drops it like it’s hot! 10pm-1am https://babestationcams.com/performer/olivia-berzinc

Modesty Blaze pops by Olivia’s gaff for a glass of wine with a side order of pussy from 11pm-Midnight https://babestationcams.com/performer/olivia-and-modesty

Saturday 5th January
Kerrie Lee turns herself into a sexy sundae by smothering her curves in cream. All she needs now is for you to come and lick it off! 11pm-Midnight

Sunday 6th January
You can’t beat the sight of Alice Goodwin getting wet! 11pm-Midnight

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our forum for last minute cam shows and offers: https://www.babestation.tv/forum/


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