You don’t have to be a fan of Doctor Who to know there has been a lot of changes to the show recently. It’s been splashed all over the papers that after 13 male leads playing the Doctor throughout the years it is now time for a female to step up and take the role.

It was announced last week that actress, Jodie Whittaker will take over the role of the Doctor but the decision to cast a female had many viewers in uproar. To those people, I give you these Tweets:

It’s a show about aliens and monsters, people! For those banging on about how the show is no longer realistic, I suggest you have a word with yourself.

Anyhoo, as fit as Jodie Whittaker is, our babes are FITTER and I wanted to do my own little Doctor Who blog in light of the current changes and play a little game with you all. From this list I’d like you to choose a girl who you think would be perfect for the role of ‘Doctor Boob’. Will it be Preeti and her hefty booty or a more demure character such as Beth Bennett. The choice is yours…

Alice Goodwin


Beth Bennett

Danni Levy


Olivia Berzinc

Hannah Claydon

Leigh Darby

This guy has the right idea:

What do you reckon, boys? Who do you think would be better equipped at fighting aliens? In my opinion I think Leigh Darby could totally kick some alien ass. Answers on a postcard.

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