The time has finally come guys, the day we’ve all been waiting for – No, not Christmas. I’m talking about the final day of work! I swear I can hear the angels singing right about now. It’s the time to eat your body weight in cheese, drink like a fish and binge watch TV shows – rinse and repeat! It’s a truly glorious time, and we’re going all out to make this festive period extra special with as little effort on your part as possible. Get ready to pull your cracker to some truly unmissable shows! Merry Christmas you awesome lot!

Babestation Daytime
Friday 21st December
5am-2pm: Hannah, Lucie Jones, Mica, Jessie Jensen
12pm-8pm: Mia, Daisy, Maddison Mae, Tanya, Charlie Ten
2pm-10pm: Charlie C, Flick, Cali, Beth

Saturday 22nd December
5am-2pm: Charlie C, Flick, Tara T, Beth
12pm-8pm: Jasmine Marie, Tegan, Annie Mae, Danielle, Aurora
2pm-10pm: Cali, Rosie Lee, Tara May

Sunday 23rd December
5am-2pm: Tanya, Rosie Lee, Kady Courtney, Simone Jay
12pm-8pm: Taylor Rose, Annie Mae, Danielle Louise, Kat
2pm-10pm: Hannah, Alexa Brook, Kitty King, Jay Scott

Christmas Eve
5am-2pm: Kitty King, Taylor Rose, Tegan, Jay Scott
12pm-8pm: Kat
2pm-10pm: Jasmine Marie, Scarlett Louise, Khloe Dash, Mila Amora

Christmas Day
5am-2pm: Mila Amora, Dixie Love
2pm-10pm: Kitty King, Maddison Mae,

Boxing Day
5am-2pm: Kitty King, Dixie Love, Maddison Mae, Jay Scott
2pm-10pm: Kat, Aemelia, Tegan

Saturday 22nd December
Chloe Love, Caty, Lynda, Priya, Sophie, Bella

Sunday 23rd December
Atlanta, Priya, Alice, Bella, Dommelia, Gia

Christmas Eve
Valentina, Alice, Beth, Nikita

Christmas Day
Beth, Valentina, Nikita

Boxing Day
Scarlett Louise, Atlanta, Nikita, Kayleigh



Babestation Cams
Friday 21st December
Kady Kourtney & Annie Mae get into the Christmas spirit by getting their hands on each other! 10pm-1am

Also on Friday…
Cali Garcia jingles her bells! 10.30pm-1.30am

Olivia Berzinc wants to jump upon your sleigh!  9pm-1am

For once, you’d be happy to receive a lump of cole! 10pm-Late

Saturday 21st December
Sophie Hart wants you to fill up her…..stocking!  8pm-4am

Also on Saturday…
Alice Goodwin gets her cracking baubles out! 8pm-Late

Sunday 22nd December
Priya spreads her legs and lets you unwrap the goodies! 11pm-Midnight

Christmas Eve
Little Alice gives you an extra little treat on Christmas Eve from 11pm-Midnight

We also have these stunners appearing on BS Cams from home during the Christmas holidays, so sneak away after dinner and give yourself an extra gift!

During this festive season, a lot of last minute cam shows and offers get added, so make sure you check out our forum for regular updates:

Have a bloody marvellous Christmas folks! Let it be full of love, joy and chronic masturbation! Ho Ho Ho




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