Today marks a pretty important day for Babestation. Not only do we have some incredible shows lined up for your viewing pleasure, but it’s also our 15th ANNIVERSARY!!! We were the first of our kind to grace your screens and we are still slaying it today!

The fact that this industry has such a high turnover of girls got me thinking about all the babes that have passed through our doors over the last 15 years. Some of which turned out to be iconic starlets, well known in the glamour world. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out all the different eras of Babestation that has made the channel what it is today.

Some of you might not remember this, but when Babestation first started it didn’t look like the polished ‘one babe on screen’ show it is today. It was grainy and showed 3 girls sat side-by-side on a couch with a text box on screen. The Babestation name was chosen as a play on the computer console PlayStation as it was originally a show that would discuss computer games and invite guys to text in. There were no boobs out, just a few scantily clad babes talking about computer games. This format remained for quite some time before a girl called Taylor McKenzie decided to flash her tits one night. Guys went crazy for this hot girl getting her cans out live on air, and it paved the way for other girls to follow suit.

In time, the show became solely focussed on babes and the phone lines were introduced. It’s still the same today. Girls like myself owe a lot to Taylor McKenzie. She was a pioneer and without her tata’s we would never have been part of this legacy. I salute you Taylor!

The first babes to kick off the babeshow trend were a mix of big breasted blondes and sultry brunettes. These girls later went on to become some of the most iconic faces in the glamour industry, including the queen of Babestation herself – Dani O’Neal, along with Tiffany, Delta and Tixie.

This is where I come along! I joined the ranks of Babestation around 2007 with the likes of Camilla, Jada and Lori. Those were the party days and I bloody loved it! I have and always will have the fondest memories of my time on the show.

Over the next few years, many girls came and went but a few really stood out. Two girls in particular were the stunning pair, Preeti and Priya. These twins had it all – the looks, wit, charm and intellect. They were a new breed of babeshow girl and very savvy business women. They took the glamour industry by storm and still remain the most popular babes on Babestation today. Other stunners to appear around this time was blonde bombshell, Ashley Emma and the exotic temptress, Olivia Berzinc.

Now brings us to current day and the newest bunch of recruits to join the ranks. These babes have come into the industry at a time when it is much harder to carve out a decent career in glamour, but they are sure as hell making a big impression.
Amber Jade, Jasmine Marie and Lucie Jones are just some of the latest babes that make Babestation so diverse and the most iconic interactive TV channel.

Here’s to another 15 years in the biz! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BABESTATION!!!!


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