Lexie Rider

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Lexie Rider's Profile

Lexie Rider's Profile

At 5'6 and a natural 36C-25-38, Lexie is every inch a lady. her brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin make her look like a delicate doll. However, she is anything but. She is strong, determined and well educated; she left school with all A's and went on to earn herself a masters degree in maths and English literature.

When asked how Lexie got into modelling she explains that it was never her dream to become a model. She goes on to say that she actually fell into the profession by accident. Her best friend was attending a model casting in London where Lexie was invited along for moral support. While she was there, Lexie was
spotted by a model scout who said her natural beauty and rounded hips would be perfect for the Daily Sport and The Sun newspapers. But Lexie had no interest in becoming a model so declined the talent agents offer. It was only after her best friend told her she was crazy for passing up the opportunity that Lexie gave in and called the agent. The modelling work started flooding in and what started as a couple of weekly photoshoots, quickly become a full time job for sexy Lexie.

with voluptuous hips and small, perky breasts, she's has a body that rivals Kim Kardashian but with none of the ego. Lexie is sweet, polite and and full of energy. She
really is a true gem!

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