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Cherri on Babestation TV


Nationality: English
Height: 5’
Measurements: 32 E
Dress size: 6
Shoe size: 5

Cherri's Profile

Cherri's Profile


Cherri is another Babestation veteran, and has been with us for a long time. She has featured on nights, days, and BabesfromTV webcams. She is a remarkably busy young woman. Not only is she one of Babestation’s biggest stars, she’s also a published glamour model, and has been for a number of years. The lad’s mags, page 3 and anything else you can think of have all featured Cherri at some point or other over the last decade.

It’s amazing that Cherri finds time to do anything else other than the show, but she is always shooting off somewhere on a photo shoot, or presenting this or that. Along with her modelling career she is also a very talented sports therapist and competes in body building. Fitness is key for Cherri, as we’re sure you’ve all noticed.

Sex and the ideal man

There isn’t much that this bi-sexual babe hasn’t done sexually. “This is what happens when you’ve been in the adult industry as long as I have,” she tells us. One minute she’s holding a protein shake for a photo shoot and the next minute it’s a dildo! When she finds time for men her favourites are the type that can make her laugh, and she can have a good time with.

When it comes to her callers on the show, Cherri has expressed a very clear preference for “the cheeky buggers!” She likes to have a caller who can keep talking and call her back time and time again. Being a regular is the way to Cherri’s heart.

Cherri's Most Recent Shoots