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Kartel on Babestation TV


Nationality: English
Height: 5’ 7
Measurements: 32 B
Dress size: 8
Shoe size: 5

Kartel's Profile

Kartel's Profile


Kartel is from South East London, and she’s one of those girls who live life to the full like any young girl in the city. However, her main passion isn’t for shopping, clothes, or even partying; it’s for football believe it or not. This isn’t something to simply get you lot talking to her either (her body is enough to provoke!) Kartel will watch and talk about football all day long if you’ll let her. Her favourite team of course is Arsenal, but she doesn’t discriminate against any other supporters out there; we’re sure you can find something else to talk about!

Kartel ended up at Babestation simply by applying. She didn’t think she’d get it, but had a call back and here she is now! Kartel has done the night shows and Babestation X in her time, but also enjoys doing daytime shows too.

This impressive young Babestation starlet originally went to college to study fashion and business, but due to unforeseen personal circumstances she had to stop doing it. As far as future aspirations are concerned, she would very much like to explore the fashion world again. This would be ideally more of an editorial position, and she expects to be able to pursue this when she’s done a lot more work with Babestation. She has no plans to leave yet!

Sex and the ideal man

Kartel loves to look at the muscly guys. She says she’s a very “physical” person and gets very turned on by a guy’s looks. However, although she goes for the looks first and foremost, once she gets even a whiff of bad personality you’re out. You have to be funny and caring to keep hold of a girl like Kartel; and you have to listen to her rant on about football too!

Top Tips

Kartel doesn’t have much time for those people who pretend to be what they’re not; she loves talking to regular guys. On the night shows, she likes the guys that go straight into the action.

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