Mica Martinez

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Mica Martinez's Profile

Mica Martinez's Profile

This exotic and alternative stunner has the body of a Victoria's Secret model, sexily decorated with big, well designed tattoos that accentuate her curves. She has a smooth complexion and stunning almond shaped 'come to bed' eyes that men find impossible to resist. She's a natural beauty who oozes sex appeal but you'll rarely find her flaunting it. Her sexuality is understated and effortless, and she carries herself with grace.

One of Mica's best friends both on and off screen is the gorgeous Caty Cole. They are true loyal friends who are always laughing together and bringing in little gifts for each other. When Mica and her best friend go out she likes to dress up in a classic little black dress and a pair of high heels that show off her long toned legs and inked body. She attracts a lot of attention when she goes out. Her commanding presence is both alluring and intriguing

Mica is incredibly hard working so when she isn't doing photo shoots or working in her home office she is thinking of new ways to expand her empire. her goal is to eventually step behind the camera and learn the ropes behind the scenes. Whatever Mica sets her mind to, there is no doubt she'll achieve it!

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