Olivia Berzinc

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Olivia Berzinc's Profile

Olivia Berzinc's Profile

This exquisite model and webcam hottie made it big at the age of 18 when she first appeared in Nuts magazine. Her exotic features and stunning dark eyes quickly made her a lads mag favourite, with her going on to appear in FHM, English Playboy, Loaded and a channel 4 program about webcam girls. Her ravishing and exotic looks are definitely attention grabbing!

Her body is lusted after by men and envied by women; with 34EE enhanced breasts and a tiny 23 inch waist. She radiates beauty and elegance and has a warm, caring nature that has earned her many friends; including all of the Babestation girls, who describe her as loyal, focused and caring.

Olivia loves traveling and has been to many exotic destinations such as Bali and Fiji. Her goal is to one day travel the world and see all there is to see, she says "take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once". She believes in living for the moment and is grateful for every opportunity she gets.

It's impossible not to fall in love with this jet-setting go-getter!

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