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Tori-Lee on Babestation TV


Nationality: English
Height: 5' 7
Measurements: 32DD
Dress size: 8-10
Shoe size: 5-6

Tori-Lee's Profile

Tori-Lee's Profile


Tori-Lee is a lovely Geordie lass from Newcastle, with a lot of personality. She tells us that she eventually ended up at Babestation because “it’s the best” and since she’s been here she’s getting recognised more. She currently works on Babestation nights and Babestationcams, with no real aspirations to go into porn at this time. Like many Babestation starlets, Tori-Lee began her logical progression to the channel through modelling. She started off modelling pictures for stocking companies, and we all know how good she looks in a pair of those right?

She enjoys shopping and going to the gym as much as she can. Tori-Lee also loves her two dogs: a Japanese Akita, and a French Bulldog (we’re not quite sure on the logic of a French Bulldog – maybe it has patriotism issues?). When we asked her what her aspirations for the future were, she told us “to work hard and make lots of money... and to wank the nation off!” You can’t really argue with that can you? And we think it would be safe to say she’s already doing this...

Sex and the ideal man

Tori-Lee loves having wet sex; basically sex in the bath and the shower. When asked why this is she replies, “dunno, clean sex!” So for all of you out there that have a bath or shower fetish, imagine yourself with the lovely Tori-Lee keeping “clean”. There are many things Tori-Lee would like to do sexually, but one thing she is desperate to tick off her list is to have sex on the beach.
Her ideal man would be pretty similar to her ideal caller. “rough and ready”, she tells us confidently. She likes her men to take a little control and be assertive in the bedroom, just like she loves her callers to do the same.

Top Tips

As we just said, she likes you to get in there when you call her, and has little time for callers “who haven’t got a clue!”

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