Cali Garcia

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Cali Garcia's Profile

Cali Garcia's Profile

Cali first began her modelling journey when she was just 18 years old and started modelling swimsuits for a women's catalogues. Her natural, fresh faced appearance and slim figure made her popular among both men and women so she was booked for lads mags as well as women's fitness magazines. She is versatile and approachable yet remains sexy and alluring. What a winning combination!

Her extensive career and time modelling have also afforded her the luxury of travel. It is one of her deepest loves and she has traveled all over the world; with Australia and the Maldives being among her favourite destinations. She loves deep sea diving and feels most at home when she is in the water. Which is why you'll find a lot of Cali's photosets will be in the pool or the shower. She jokingly calls herself "a mermaid" due to her love of water.

Cali goes to the gym 2-3 times week and eats a lot of protein such as chicken, eggs and avocado to keep her toned physique, although she won't begrudge herself the odd sweet
treat now and again; her favourite being a pistachio Magnum ice-cream. Cali loves her home comforts and she won't go travel anywhere without her favourite pink fluffy pillow.

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