Amber Jade

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Amber Jade's Profile

Amber Jade's Profile

Amber Jade is our buxom blonde bombshell with a bodacious booty and a big personality to match. Her fair skin, coupled with her curves and red lips would give Marilyn Monroe a run for her money.

Amber first began he career with Babestation at the beginning of 2017 after spending the previous three years modelling for various lads mags and adult publications. Amber says “I always knew I’d end up in the glamour industry. When asked if I wanted to audition for Babestation it was a no brainer. How could I not? It’s the best!”

In her spare time Amber likes to keep active, she says “I just can’t sit still, It’s like I’ve got ants in my pants. If I’m not at the gym or riding my horse, I’ll be dancing around my front room or going for a walk. I have so much excess energy. Although I find the best way to relieve excess energy is sex!”

Amber’s saucy secret: “I love watching a hot girls boobs jiggle as she goes up an escalator.”

Ambers favourite thing: “I actually really love to sing! I mean, I’m no Ariana Grande, but I definitely like to belt out a few tunes whilst I’m in the shower.”

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