Preeti and Priya

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Preeti and Priya's Profile

Preeti and Priya's Profile

Preeti and Priya are without a doubt the UK's most famous twins, with careers spanning the last decade. Although they are mainly known for being 'the Babestation twins', they also have a long list of mainstream TV appearances under their belt, including channel 5's 'My Mums Hotter Than Me'. On the show, the girls revealed how their glamourous mother, Mruga, raised them to be the powerful, confident women you see today. During the episode, Mruga tells the viewers that she is proud of her daughters and that she encourages their career in modelling. She has even affectionately dubbed the family "the Kardashian's of the UK." I'd say they're way hotter than the Kardashian's!

As well as numerous TV appearances and photo shoots, the girls spend many hours in the gym working on their famous arses. These two believe that a woman should have some meat on her bones and they are proud of their sexy curves. Their fans certainly aren't complaining!

These two really are the antithesis of savvy businesswoman. With a lucrative TV career and property in Surrey, they really are living the dream. As individuals, Preeti and Priya are successful, but as a pair they are unstoppable!!!

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