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You see me as a GODDESS

You adore me.

My presence is your first impression

You desire me to care for you and to contribute to my happiness and fulfillment.

Words you would use to describe me: Elegant/Mysterious/Soft/Graceful/Feminine/Seductive/Playful

Your ideal Alimony: Trustworthy, kind, caring and accepting. Unconditionally loving. Wise and mature. Encouraging and positively rein*rces you. Nurturing and feminine. My presence alone inspiring you to take action and be the best version of you. A safe space to open up and be at peace. Harmony and closeness. Self love. To feel understood.

Feminine energy has the power to arouse the senses and my charm and seduction in all that I am will always inspire you to be the best you can be. To be in my presence is to feel at peace. My movements can encourage and inspire you to provide for me and to finally become who you were always destined to be. I am the embodiment of self love and perhaps you are ready to walk by my side.

You see me as a SLUT

You desire me. 

The sexual feelings I evoke in you, from my looks is your first impression.

You want to engage with me as you masturbate and ejaculate.

Words you would use to describe me: Filthy/Juicy/Cum Inducing/Sexy/Fuckable/Wank Fodder/Cum Target

Your ideal Alimony: A vending machine for your sexual fulfilment. Guilt free orgasms that have some purpose. A set of holes designed and available to access as and when you want to without commitment. One sided relief for you. The other woman. Satisfying fulfillment without shame. Filth, desire, eroticism, fantasy and playfulness. Sexual, teasing, filthy, addictive and moreish.

Sometimes online distance provides a form of safety when you focus on the fantasy instead of the reality. Paying for your orgasm with Goddess Alimony means you never need to concern yourself with condoms,health risks or potential unplanned parenthood. Instead I can show you how to use your masturbation as a motivating factor if you consent to my guidance and you no longer have to be a bored, chronic masturbator. Wouldn't you enjoy some 'me time' to switch off, relax and feel incredible relief?

You see me as a GUIDE

You need me.

The strength I embody is your first impression.

You desire me to listen to you and you seek my solutions. You want to feel safe, secure and improve yourself.

Words you would use to describe me: Strong/Intuitive/Intelligent/Inventive/Knowledgeable/Wise

Your ideal Alimony: Direct and honest with an ability to break down your issue(s) and organise them into manageable and attainable goals. A place to switch off from all your stress and any pressures on a regular basis. Feeling seen, heard and understood at all times. Uniquely catering to you and able to not only pinpoint where you have blockages in your life; but provide methods to get you unstuck.

Life experience in and out of the adult industry, coupled with psychology and CBT is predominantly where I have attained my wisdom. I combine my intuition with relatable examples to aid you in redirecting yourself. I am open and honest and will provide a detailed plan after an initial assessment, which caters to you if you feel ready to invest in yourself and your future and release these old wounds and patterns that no longer serve you.

You see me as a BITCH

You want controlling.

My Intimidating presence is your first impression.

You desire me to treat you as less than equal.You want to understand yourself through fetish/kink/bdsm

Words you would use to describe me: Dominant/Alpha/Cruel/Sadistic/Manipulative/Intimidating/Creative

Your ideal Alimony: Arrogant, demanding and sharp. Witty and cruel. Unshockable at anything you admit. Experienced and understanding. Leadership and always in charge. Independent and high standards. Can and will put you in your place when necessary. Strong, resilient and hypnotic. I bend you to my will

There is nothing weak about seeking a superior entity to control and challenge you. True power lies in submitting and entering into a consenting arrangement with someone you feel compelled to serve. If you are reading this, you are still unsatisfied and still searching for that place to call home. If you feel ready to release all that you thought you knew and begin your reprogramming, this may be the right fit for you


Goddess Alimony is a rare find; both provocative and unassailable. Her potent allurement will int*xicate you and her unparalleled prowess will ensure you soon become the latest addition to her multifarious pursuits.

Intuition, empathy, and sadism enmesh to create a demanding, dominant, alpha female whom is confident and comfortable in her skin. She is a spellbinding vision to behold and when she demonstrates her intrinsic sapience, you will experience her exorbitant ability to enrapture anyone and anything. This kinky, healing vessel complete with sparkling wit and an infectious personality is Alimony, however the question is 'Are you ready?'

Alimony can nurture and humiliate simultaneously with an exceptional skill set and over 2 decades of understanding people.

Alimony is in its most basic form; the obligation to fund financial support to the spouse before or after separation. You are not worthy of matrimony with any woman, regardless of the charitable partner who may have offered you the chance to refer to yourself as a 'husband' or 'significant other.' With this in mind, let's skip the marriage and just proceed straight to the payment: your obligation, and my contentment.

People are walking wounded and carrying scars much alike bullet wounds . Avoidance and numbing the self is favoured over removing said bullets to allow the wound to truly heal. If you are reading this- this is your sign to access, accept and remove those bullets and get to the deeper core of who you are.

Whilst my moniker clearly indicates my passion for financial domination, you will soon come to understand that Alimony is a niche of it's own and as a professional feelings navigator, I will ensure you keep a thick skin but a soft heart as you discover the true satisfaction that is afforded those who temporarily endure discomfort.


I am Goddess Alimony. I am the perfect embodiment of feminine energy, encapsulated in a complex, addictive, cum inducing vessel. I exist to enlighten with exceptional, erotic femdom.I possess the instinctive ability to grip your comfort zone as you would hope my silky, manicured fingers might wrap around your shaft and effortlessly reprogramme you into your very best version. When you experience my intrinsic sapience and potent allurement, whether, in person or online, you become the latest addition to my multifarious pursuits. This should be accepted prior to your decision to interact with my superiority. Online, I am a spellbinding vision to behold in high definition and upon that first gaze, you will feel the intense pull of my exorbitant ability to enrapture anyone and anything. In-person, quite frankly, you are likely to release an acute orgasm in your pants, as I appear.

My sensual prowess is unparalleled. I am both provocative and unassailable. My jovial demeanor and humorous nature pull gently at your frothy, heaving sacks, and beneath the surface lies a safe, sane, and consensual experience your penis yearns for. All penis owners are, without exception, magnetized to me; as is ejaculatory fluid. I understand how compelled you feel to empty yourself immediately, upon receiving me into your ocular recognition. Intuition, empathy, and sadism enmesh to create the demanding, dominant, alpha female who is confident and comfortable in her skin. I nurture and humiliate simultaneously with an exceptional skill set and over 16 years of understanding men. You should have been swallowed or erupted onto some high Egyptian thread count, as you are well aware. Thus you should express your gratitude in monetary/gift-giving form on a regular basis without needing to be prompted.

Goddess adores fetishes including but not limited to financial domination. To call me 'your' Goddess is an honour only a certain caliber of juicy boys are ever permitted to do so. The only way to be referred to as one is to experience me. Your purpose is to fund my lifestyle as my moniker suggests. You will willingly entertain me, endure my tasks, challenges, and instructions alongside worshipping my physical form with the fuck buddy who resides at the end of your wrist. 

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