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Hey, I'm Ruby!

Welcome to my profile!

So guys, this is where you get to hear me waffle on and tempt you into my room... but don't worry I won't do that... I'll just give you a little info about me and let you make up your mind! If you've ever called me on Babestation Daytime you'll know I'm pretty different to most of the other girls, if you haven't feel free to pop into my cam room to find out just how unique, honest and down to earth I am!

A little about me, I'm a 5ft 9.5 leggy blue eye'd blonde (originally brunette). 32G boobs and I webcam and grace your TV screens regularly because I genuinely love it. It's my little escape from the real world where I can fulfil fantasies - yours and mine - and break away from my real world whenever I like. By day I run my own business, I'm a Personal Trainer and teach a lot of fitness classes thanks to my extensive dance background. I don't do mornings, I'm grumpy then so I find that's the best time to train my clients and hit the gym myself (I work out 5 days a week), then you'll find me online for webcam most evenings as my extremely high libido is a pain in the butt - joys of single life ay!?- So I get my kicks, by you getting your enjoyment there with me!

But don't worry, if it's not all the naughty stuff you are after and you just want some (good?) company I'm told I'm rather amusing... being a bit of a tomboy at heart I'll surprise you with my lack of knowledge when it comes to beauty products and start rambling on about my love of cars, motorbikes, sports and fitness.

I'm also an experienced dominatrix, with a 7 year history venturing in real time to many different types of domination there isn't much I haven't tried and wouldn't enjoy doing again. With more than 200 submissive's having enjoyed multiple sessions with me it's become a very satisfying part of my life.

If you do pop into my cam rooms to get to know me a little better feel free to ask me to turn on my Audio, I leave it off as most people are being sneaky (you know who you are) and can't turn on their speakers, but usually I am able to let you hear me if that's what you'd like! I have all the usual outfits and toys and am more than happy to listen to your requests... All the best stuff happens in private chat though, so for a really filthy show that's where we've gotta go ;)

Enough rambling for now, hope you enjoy a little randomness as that's what I tend to deliver!

Hope to see you soon!


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