Babestation X costs just £5 per night, and is a one off payment, meaning no hidden subscription. To order Babestation X, go to Freeview channel 174 from 11pm, press the red button and follow instructions. You can also order the show at, also from 11pm.

You can now also watch Babestation X online, visit from 11pm to purchase and watch on our live stream from 12am!

Babestation X is the hottest pay-per-view porn channel you’re like to find on TV, and certainly the best one you’ll ever find that is exclusive to Freeview!

It runs every night from Midnight until 5am, and features some of your favourite Babestation girls going a lot further than they’re allowed to do on the normal nightly Babestation show!

We also run regular LIVE shows; girl on girl scenes which include Babestation girls, as well as other stars of adult entertainment in Britain!

So what are you waiting for? Check out Babestation X tonight to see some of the hottest, hardest scenes from Babestation girls and porn stars!

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