Chantelle Fox loves a uniform

Chantelle Fox is well known for her work as a Babestion, Sexstation and Rampant TV model, but is better known for her work in porn. She's pornstar by trade but as we can see in this gallery she loves to dabble in other trades, particularly anything that lets her wear a uniform. Although she can't technically arrest you, you won't complain having her massive fake titties press into your back as she tightens the cuffs and does what she wants with you. Or better still, she could go to work on your house before you go to work on her, two birds with one stone. Surprised she hasn't dressed up as a taxi driver, as she has plenty of experience in the back of fake taxi's. All that as her favourite uniform is no uniform at all, as you can see in her VIP member content.

Police Officer Chantelle has her legs spread and fake tits out
Cop Chantelle shows off her long legs in uniform
Brunette Chantelle Fox has her legs wide open showing off her tattoo in heels
Chantelle laying on sofa with her massive tits on show
Chantelle on her knees showing you her tits
Hot babe stretching on the floor showing off her curves
Chantelle Fox stands at public toilet showing off her ass
Construction worker Chantelle's tits burst out of her shirt

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