Georgie Darby - UK Babeshow Legend

Georgie Darby Dirty mouthed Babeshow Legend

Georgie first landed on Babestation TV in the autumn of 2009 as a cheeky & bubbly petite brunette. Having formerly modelled for catalogues and adult mags like Playboy, Georgie AKA Georgina was no stranger to posing and she already had a good public profile before appearing on the show.

Georgie Darby was unlike any other glamour model around that time. A sexually mischievous and naughty tomboy, she would banter with her callers before getting down to the nitty gritty. She had a knack of putting her callers at ease with her jokes and talk of “filling your buckets with spunk”, a tagline that would become a bit of a trademark for Georgie.

Did you know Georgie Darby can “fanny fart on demand?”  Her words, not ours!

Yes, this filthy minded and filthy mouthed South Londoner is renowned for her appearances all over the glamour press: Zoo, Nuts, Page 3 and all those other lad’s mag type publications, but her best work has been on the Babeshows originally at Babestation but most recentely at S66cams (studio66TV)

Hailing from London with a cockney London twang, Georgie likes a cheeky chappie who knows how to fuck and please his woman. Georgie reveals that if you like to eat ass and pussy, you’re off to a good start

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