Harley Elizabeth

Harley Elizabeth on Babestation TV


Harley is 24 years old and she has been in the industry for 6 years! She has done lap dancing, domination and now she’s here for you too! She has travelled around the UK and Spain doing dancing and loves the different ways clubs work! She adores the freedom of how naughty she can be online, it really turns her on knowing that she is being watched and admired!

She loves travelling around for the adventure! Asia is her favourite place to explore! The food and views there are amazing, so if you have any stories to share join in! Her idea of a perfect night is a glass of dark rum, a bubble bath, and a good book! So, if you had a first date with her she would agree to a seafood restaurant, (It’s her favourite) and definitely a rum bar and some dancing afterwards! Also maybe a daytime date somewhere adventurous like rock climbing for the day! And for after she loves the thought of being caught.

If you really want to turn her on then, Role plays! Using the imagination for great sex is a must for her! Bring the toys along too! She wants to get wild. Feel free to ask her anything! She loves chatting! It’s just a bonus to be naked too!