Hollie Sparrow

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Hollie Sparrow's Profile

Hollie Sparrow's Profile

Hollie is a buxom and curvaceous hottie with a whole lot of booty; think of a hotter Holly Willoughby. She started modelling in 2010 after dropping out of beauty school and found the glamorous lifestyle of a model far more fitting to her personality.

She has expensive taste and likes nice things; from her white Range Rover Evoque to extravagant holidays and flashy jewellary. She likes to spoil herself and says "if you work hard, you should play hard".

When Hollie wants to unwind, she'll go to the health spa for a sauna and a smoothie. She's proud of her womanly figure and although she likes to eat clean, simple food, she has a more relaxed approach to exercise. A stroll in the park or some yoga is all Holly needs to keep her shapely body and 36D natural breasts in check.

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