Hollie Sparrow

Hollie Sparrow on Babestation TV


Hollie Sparrow is a smoking hot buxom blonde glamour model and babeshow girl with a whole lot of booty; think of Holly Willoughby but HOTTER!!! Hollie began modelling in 2010 after dropping out of beauty school. She loved the glamorous lifestyle of a model and found it far more fitting to her personality. With big tits and a love of all things XXX, Hollie found her true calling when she started appearing on the babe channel (Babestation, Studio 66, Playboy).

Hollie loves expensive things, from her white Range Rover Evoque to extravagant holidays and flashy jewellery. If you’re looking for a classy sexy princess to spoil, she’s certainly not going to stop you. However, she’s not looking for a man to keep her in her luxurious lifestyle. As an independent woman and entrepreneur, she’s more than happy to go out and get those things for herself. Her motto in life is"if you work hard, you should play hard".

When she’s on Babestation TV, Hollie loves to have erotic JPI phonesex about blowjobs, feet worship, porn, threesomes and anal teasing. No chat is off limits to Hollie. She just wants to fulfil all your fantasies, from topless oiled up tit wank, BDSM, humiliation and domination to naked roleplay and pussy play. Check out her Pervcam for a close up peek of her shaved pussy or take her private on webcam for an intimate one on one C2C show with lots of nude action and spanking!

Hollie Sparrow in a green bikini standing
Hollie Sparrow in a green bikini holg the straps up off her shoulders
Hollie Sparrow on her knees in blue knickers and pink top
Hollie Sparrow in a red top and black skirt hands up to her head
Hollie Sparrow in a black bra and skirt showing her about to unzip her skirt
Hollie Sparrow laying on her back on the sofa hair hanging over in a black dress and boots