Holly Jade

Holly Jade on Babestation TV


Hi guys the is Holly, 25 years old and soon to be 26! She's very adventurous.. if you know what she means... Holly can be sweet and shy to start with, but once the inner self has been let loose there is no controlling her, in a good and fun way, of course!

Holly's ideal first date would be to the zoo! She's a huge animal lover as well as being a bit wild herself... Ask Holly anything you like, she won’t bite.. much, and she'll be sure to answer all your questions. She likes to know what turns you on so she can fulfil that fantasy, and Holly will definitely let you know what turns her on (lots of foreplay is the key to her orgasm).

Holly Jade standing side on in a black top and thong showing off her bum and legs
Holly Jade topless in black knickers showing off her figure hand on hip
Holly Jade bent over on the bed with face down arse up in black lingerie and holdups
Holly Jade topless in a black thong hand on chest
Holly Jade naked side on with one leg up hand by mouth and the other hanging on to something
Holly Jade bent over on all fours showing her huge bum face down arse up with someones hand on her bum