Kaprie K

Kaprie K on Babestation TV


This is Kaprie. She is 24 years old and has been in the dance industry for just over a year now,. Her ideal first date would be a nice meal with flowers and candles, a romantic setting is her favourite maybe with a cheeky kiss at the end.

What turns Kaprie would be taking control and let you figure out the rest of what she loves...

What is her favourite position? Does she like being whipped? Does she like being choked? Does she like biting? What is her favourite colour? Does she like being tied up? Does she like having her hair pulled?

Babestation babe Kapri K nude with brown sheet wrapped round her
Kapri K from Babestation sitting wrapped in brown sheet with arm tattoo and long brown hair
Kapri K from Babestation stands in frilly sequin dress and black high heels with ankle tattoos
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