Milamoore Rose

Milamoore Rose on Babestation TV


Milamoore Rose is a UK glamour model from London. She has a very sexy busty curvy body and her boobs are double GG! Milamoore has been in the adult Industry over 10 years so she has all the experience to pleasure you over & over again...

She loves all her fans so much and she can’t wait to build new relationships with you all. If you wish to know more about Milamoore just ask she's very open!! She loves all kinds of sexy fun she haa no limits so come and have some real naughty fun. Milamoore promise you'll be wanting more!! Xx

Milamoore Rose sitting side on in a silky light pink dress short with a big bust
Milamoore Rose posing in the kitchen in a white body suit one hand hanging down the other by her hip
Milamoore Rose posing in the bathroom with one leg raised showing her white socks wearing a white body suit standing side on showing off her figure
Milamoore Rose sitting with a smile crossed legs in a tartan skirt and a small black bra top showing her huge bust
Milamoore Rose laying on her back with one leg up and head tilted back in white lingerie
Milamoore Rose sitting with her legs apart one hand on her head and the other between her legs in black lingerie holdups showing plenty of boob