Rosie Taylor

Rosie Taylor on Babestation TV


This is Rosie Taylor she's 30 years old and is from Lancashire. Rosie has been a lapdancer for 4 years and is also the Director of a small firm.

Confidence turns her on big time. A man who knows himself and what he wants in life will have her weak. She loves a good deep chat about anything and everything and learning about people. She is sexually liberal and there’s not much she hasnt tried, she is also a big fan of swingers clubs.

Rosie loves being asked ridiculous questions that get her thinking. She loves anyone who can grab her attention with their intellect, confidence and humour she will be submitting for.

Her favourite thing about sex work is connecting with people and getting to know them which leads to getting turned on and filthy chat. She loves the feeling of absolutely needing to sort herself out whilst she's chatting to someone!