Tammy Oldham

Tammy Oldham on Babestation TV


Veteran babeshow model and porn queen Tammy Oldham has been a regular on Babestation, BSX and Sex Station since 2001 when she uses to perform live girl girl lesbian sex shows with the likes of Jess West and Karina Currie. Tammy is a full on sex addict and if you’ve ever seen her cam shows you’ll notice that she always injects an element of fun into every performance, whether by wearing a crazy outfit or using different props and toys.

As well as her extensive glamour and lorn career, Tammy has also appeared in many of the top UK top shelf mags: men only, club international, razzle, escort, Readers Wives and Shaven Ravers to name a few. Tammy loves to spread her legs for the camera and she likes to flit between a nearly shaved pussy and a full hairy busy, which her regular callers absolutely love.

Tammy Oldham’s experience in the adult industry spans well over a decade so if you’re looking for a down to earth blonde with small perky tits and experience appearing on Live XXX, Babestation, Sexstation, BlueKiss and BSX, Tammy Oldham is the one!

Tammy Oldham in thigh high boots facing and standing away topless
Tammy Oldham in a pink dress and black boots standing
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Tammy Oldham with another girl having her bum touched, Tammy in red lingerie
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Tammy Oldham sitting or holding herself in a fire place in a pink dress and black stockings