Taylor Rose

Taylor Rose on Babestation TV


Taylor Rose!

If you’re here to buy her boobs then sadly
you’re too late! But don’t you worry, because on Babestation Cams, everything else
is up for grabs, including her brand new 32Gs! She just hope you’re man enough to
handle them!

She likes men of all kinds, just make her laugh and she’ll do anything and everything
for you… and let you do anything and everything to her! She's been hustling all
her life – before she got into camming she was a business development manager with
stock in Rolex – She's always had her eyes on the prize and now the prize is you! She's
also an animal lover! She's got three dogs and a pig called Hamlet! So you know she
knows what to do with all you filthy animals!

She'll dress up for you, dominate you, submit to you, wear bondage
and gag herself for you. And if you really want, she’ll talk about the weather with you.
Just get yourself on here and let her be your anything!

Come quick… she's lonely!

Taylor Rose in white lingerie and stockings
Taylor Rose in white lingerie laying up on the sofa
Taylor Rose laying on the floor on her back topless
Taylor Rose side on standing showing her bum in black and grey lingerie
Taylor Rose laying back on the sofa topless in black stockings and knickers
Taylor Rose topless and black knickers and stockings, kneeling up