Victoria Hoggarth

Victoria Hoggarth on Babestation TV


This is Victoria! She is 35 years old and from Russia. She likes to meet funny and kind guys. Victoria is turned on by intimate conversations, she likes to tease and seduce. She doesn't like rude and greedy people. It's repulsive.

Victoria likes to spend time outdoors and dream of making love in the Park on a bench in a public place. She thinks it's very passionate and unforgettable... She has a lot of can ask her about them in person in the chat :) She looks forward to seeing you guys! Kisses...your Victoria:))

Victoria Hoggarth laying on her side in a low cut blue dress
Victoria Hoggarth selfie of her face and top of her low cut red dress
Victoria Hoggarth sitting back on a sofa with legs spread in a pink or red top and knickers