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Here at Babestation, we know that whether you are Male, Female, She-Male or belong to the LGBT versity, sometimes we need to get some sex-satisfaction in our lives and what better place to start, than in your own locality. You might not want (or even need) to physically meet someone to get your rocks off but you may perhaps prefer someone a bit more local, that you can relate to.

We all love that feeling of familiarity and there’s nothing better than keeping it local. So here just for you, we’ve put together the best A to Z Urban Sex Directory for your pleasure and delight.


Aberdeen is the 3rd largest city (by population) in Scotland and is well known for its diverse culture and nationalities living there. So don’t be surprised if your Live Sex Chat with a Hot ‘Burd’ turns out to be, not quite the accent you expected.


Ascot has been famous for its racecourse since it first opened in 1711 and attracts some of the most notable ladies. It may not be amongst the biggest in terms of population for the majority of the year, but you can be sure to see plenty of Ass flirting girls while the races are on. The rest of the time, you can be assured of the poshest Live Sex Chat from girls and ladies in the area.


Moving North to Lancashire, Blackpool has long been known for its 7 mile long Pleasure Beach and knowing how many of our gorgeous sexy Cam Girls come from this area, we can understand why you might want to go there. It attracts millions of visitors every year and we’re pleased to offer you the chance to get your fill of Blackpool’s Boobs from the comfort of your own chair.


Back down in the South, Bournemouth first became a town in 1870 and has long been known for its popularity with the rich. Money and Sex have been entwined for much longer and so it’s no surprise that some of the wealthiest and popular Porn Stars are from here. Tune in to Babestation TV to see them in action.


No directory of the UK would be complete without Brighton. At just under 50 miles from London, it’s known for its laid-back atmosphere and has been recognised as being the “unofficial gay capital of the UK”. It has a large LGBT population and one of the reasons why many of our LGBT Cam Stars end up residing there.


Cambridge is the 2nd oldest university in the English-speaking world, with over 20,000 students attending during any one year. No wonder so many of our Teen Cam Stars are based in the area. Always keen to make some money to fund their studies, cam sessions with one of these Young beauties can also involve some Hot Chat topics.


Cardiff is the capital of Wales and if their Rugby players are anything to go by, their girls are top players too! It takes all sorts of girls to satisfy our fans on Babestation and that’s why we know the ones from Cardiff are amongst the best. Always ready and willing to give you the satisfaction you deserve.


Ever since Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets back in 11th century, Coventry has been associated with sexual references. The term ‘Peeping Tom’ was said to originate from a man who watched her riding past and was struck down. Our sexy Coventry Cam Girls are always happy to provide you with a bit of voyeuristic fun and we’re pretty sure you’ll be safe with them.


Derby was among the centres of Britain’s industrial revolution and is said to be the forefront of Silk Stockings manufacture. Perhaps that’s why the girls from Derby love stockings and silky lingerie so much. Take a look at any one of our gorgeous babes on the TV and you’ll see exactly what we mean.


Since the 1980’s Dundee’s technological industry has grown hugely and now accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s Digital Entertainment industry, so it’s no wonder many of our aspiring Babestation TV stars come from there. Even when they are not in the studio, they are at home, using the latest Cam technology to float your boat.


Edinburgh’s history is renowned for story-telling and the arts, a perfect combination for us to provide you with the best Live Phone Sex Girls ever. They can weave you a story, make sure you are horny and then take you to whole new levels on Cam. You’ll never be disappointed with a Lass from this historic Scottish City.


It’s thanks to the Heavy Industrial growth in Falkirk that we have many of the phone boxes in the UK. Once these were the staple of many Phone Sex Adverts for all kinds of sexual relief, available at the end of a phone line. Now, Babestation makes it much easier for you to hook up with any kind of girl you desire. Check out the Babestation TV website and you’ll see what we mean.


If you are yearning for the ultimate Scottish experience with a Glaswegian Lass, then look no further. Our girls from Glasgow know just what it takes to drain your balls and they won’t be shy about it either. Live 121 Phone Sex or Live on Cam, take your pick, they’re waiting right now.


Hastings is well known in the history of Britain and has quite a few Adult Sex shops adorning their streets. Perhaps this indicates that their residents have a high sex drive. We certainly know a few of our Horny Cam Girls are there right now, possibly naked and waiting for you in their garden.


Ipswich was voted as the 7th most desirable place to live in the UK (by the Royal Mail) in 2017 and in 2015 voted the 3rd happiest place to live in the UK. It’s no wonder many of our Cam Girls not only come from there but can’t be persuaded to leave either. It seems they would rather spend their time in private on C2C with you!

John o’ Groats

Although it may not be situated at the northern most of the UK, it is the most well-known and at approx. 690 miles from London, it is pretty remote. You won’t have to travel all that way to hook up with a local lass, as even girls from this remote location can be found on Babestation.TV.

Kingston upon Hull

If you are looking for a casual sexual relationship with a girl from Hull, then look no further. Just choose the kind of girl you prefer from the site and she’ll be ready for action in moments. She may be at home, or in the studio but you can be sure on one thing – she’ll give you something to add to your wank-bank and remember forever more.


Considering one of the greatest boy bands in the world originated from Liverpool, it comes as no surprise that the ‘Liver Birds’ love their celebrity status. You don’t find too many shy girls in Merseyside and that’s why we love having as many of them on our Cam Site as possible.


We couldn’t produce this list without including London, whether it’s Soho or Kensington, there are Leather Clad, Luscious Ladies and Lithe Lesbians almost everywhere you turn. London girls are famous for the carefree attitude and we’ve got plenty for you to pick from on the site, right now!


Manchester is where all the action truly is and being pretty much in the centre, wears its name well. It’s renowned for its strip clubs and happy go lucky types of girls, many of which love to join our site and Cam with us, just for you. Check out their profiles for the hottest Mancunians you’ll ever meet.


If you are into Leather, or are part of the She-Male brigade, you can’t possible have failed to notice Northampton. Known for its huge Leather manufacturing and footwear industry, it’s made more than just a name for itself in the world of Sex. If you like your leather, are a she-male or just fancy something a bit more interesting than vanilla, check out our girls from Northampton.


Norwich was once the largest city outside of London and as a consequence, became quite an expert in the provision of ‘Ladies of the Night’. The great news is that you can access our Norwich ladies at any time of the day or night that you choose. Live Phone Sex or on Cam, whatever you prefer, we can oblige.


Plymouth has been known since ancient times as a great trading post, handling not only goods but also people. Nowadays, we like to think of it as one of the best cities for trading pleasures, as quite a few of our sexy Cam Girls come from Plymouth. Fortunately, they no longer have to stand on the quayside swishing their skirts, they simply log onto Babestation.TV to offer their wares.

Queen’s Park

There are probably as many locations called Queen’s Park as there have been Queens but this one is for the Queens on Babestation TV. May they sit on their royal asses and issue forth instructions to all their lowly courtiers and exercise their right to be given multitudes of pleasure forever more.


As Reading in Berkshire hosts one of the largest beer festivals in the UK, we’re pretty sure our girls from there, know a thing or two about pulling and drinking pints. Why not sit back and share a pint or two with your favourite Babestation girl, while she gives you a pull?


The ‘Women of Steel’ statue in Sheffield commemorates those women who worked in the city’s steel industry during the 2 world wars. It shows their grit and determination in the work they do, however hard it may be. We love our girls from Sheffield as they always go above and beyond to make sure you have a great time.


Swansea has some of the most incredible girls in the country, always ready to show you a good time, It’s the 2nd largest city in Wales and is thought to have originated as a Viking trading post. That could be why girls from the city are known for their prowess and staying power. Hook up with one on Babestation TV and find out for yourself.


The girls from Tyneside, especially Newcastle are known for being tough as nails and baring all, even in the freezing winter temperatures. They also have hearts of gold, so pick one of our Geordie lasses and you’ll be sure to have the best experience ever!


Warrington boasts the proud record of being the first paved town in Lancashire, proving its importance from a very, early point. Girls from this part of the world absolutely love taking part in Live Phone Sex and are more than happy to spend hours making you happy. Check out our Babes from Warrington on Babestation TV.


There was a time when anything North of Watford was deemed to be in the North but nowadays, it’s closeness to London makes it almost part of Greater London. It was well known for its Cottage Industries and we’re sure that’s where some of our lovely girls got the incentive to provide camming services for you lovely guys.


One of the most ancient cities in England, York also shot to fame in 2017 when it became the first human rights city in the UK. Great news for all those tempted to make a living in the Adult Industry and making Babestation TV their first port of call for your pleasure.

If you’d like to see your town featured on our Urban Sex A to Z of the UK, then please do let us know. We know all our girls are proud of their home towns and many continue to live and work there. Let’s find the SEX in every town and pass on the good news. Then the next time you’re in the need for a little one on one company, you can simply lay back and enjoy!

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