Option 1 Podcast - E04 - Amber Paige

over 1 year ago
It's time for episode 04 or our burgeoning Option 1 Podcast and this week it's time to get to know a bit about the lovely Amber Paige! Amber joined us around the time of the first COVID lockdown in 2020 and has since gone on to be one of Babestation's most familiar faces. In this episode, we find out a few of Amber's Top 5's - films, takeaways etc, before doing more of a deep dive in her journey leading up to joining Babestation TV. You'll also hear what happened when her parents found out about her new career! The finish up with a bit of dating chat, looking into Amber's Tinder profile and any potential matches. If you enjoy the Option 1 podcast, please subscribe/review on YouTube & Spotify, thank you!

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