In The Booth - Episode 1 - Bad Traits For Men

2 months ago

Had some bad luck in the dating game? You've managed to rizz up that leng blonde in the office, or the big titty barista babe you've been eying up for a while, get on the date and some how fumble the bag? Don't know where you're going wrong? Well lads, come into the booth to find out exactly what our girls think are your worse traits, in our latest episode of 'In The Booth'! Here we have some of the hottest Babeshows babes, the likes of Mikaela Witt, Amber Paige, Layla Rose and Poppy May, giving their opinions on what the worst trait in men are! And there seems to be a general consensus that arrogance is the number one trait to avoid. So if you're rocking up like billy big balls with a ego fatter than your wallet, that may be where you're going wrong. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and the two often get confused. So maybe while you're finding your feet in the dating game, try starting off on some lower levels, and get that ego ironed out before trying in on with some actual babes. That along with being clean and polite are apparently the best ways to get a leg up on your competition. Along with, for Annie Mae, showing up on time. How can you expect a beautiful PAWG like Annie to appreciate her time when you're not even going to appreciate hers? Just basic common sense really. No matter who you're on a date with, no body like having to wait around, so that's a sure fire way to kill a date before it even starts. Watch this episode to find out what Stella Paris and Jamie Knight think are the worst traits for men, and to find out exactly what to avoid doing on a date!

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