In The Booth - Episode 2 - Does Size Matter

2 months ago

Does size matter? A question that has plagued man for centuries. Ever since we could use tools, we've been comparing sizes. The Chad with bigger spear gets the girl while you're left playing with your twig. The invention of pants is directly linked to one blokes insecurity about his tiny wang. But we have never received a straight answer! 'Yours is the perfect size' they say. 'You have nothing to be insecure about' they say. And then they laugh when you whip it out, peeling back the hair to find it. And that question keeps sneaking into your mind. Does it really matter? The truth is, we still don't have a definitive answer. Much like my magnum condoms, attraction isn't one size fits all. Different bodies have different needs, and just because you may not be able to pleasure one person effectively, doesn't mean there's not another that you're perfect for. And being insecure about the size is often a bigger dealbreaker than the size itself. Lalya Rose fervently states: 'Yes!' to the question; 'Does size matter', along with Megan Rox, Ivy Black and Eastern European babe Jamie Knight. Each of them staunchly in the 'yes' camp. They all seem to agree that even if the bloke doesn't know what he's doing, there's only so bad it can be. But on the other hand, Annie Mae, Mikaela Witt, April Jones and Amber Phoenix each think that size doesn't matter, it's all about performance. No point in having a Ferrari that doesn't run. Amber goes more specific, and explains that things get a bit more difficult when trying anal, and that a smaller weenier is optimal. So you heard it here first guys, if you have a small cock, just do anal. Find out what the girl think when a blokes cock is too big!

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