In The Booth - Episode 4 - Pyjamas

2 months ago

In this episode of In The Booth, our babes discuss their personal preferences regarding wearing underwear. Sharing their habits about sleeping in underwear or pyjamas, with the consensus being that they find it more comfortable to sleep without underwear. They also discuss wearing underwear in daily life, with Mia Middleton Onlyfans model admitting they sometimes go without, except when wearing jeans or uncomfortable clothing, so if you ever bump into her, you know she's probably not wearing panties, and there's just one layer between you and that tight Mia Middleton pussy. The importance of letting their pussy "breathe" at night after being "locked up" all day is also highlighted. So check out this episode to find out what Amber Paige, Megan Rox, Maddison Lee, Mia Middleton, Hannah Sofia and Azura Ali think about this topic, in an intellectual conversation that's bound to get more than just your brain stirring!

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