In The Booth - Episode 6 - Professions

2 months ago

In this episode of In The Booth, our babes engage in a playful discussion about which professions might be best in bed. A few of the girls, including Poppy May Onlyfans model suggest physically demanding jobs like bricklayers, doctors, mechanics, and prison officers, highlighting their physicality. Many of the models believe that to find a man that is good in bed, they have more luck with men in more masculine jobs, as opposed to office jobs. Maddison Lee suggests a prison officer, indicating she likes a dominant man, who will be willing to subdue and cuff her, which tracks pretty well with what we know Maddison enjoys, with whips and leather being to regulars in her bedroom. Find out what Amber Paige, Annie Mae, Lacey Mae, Megan Rox and Alyssa Jay have to say on the matter by watching this episode!

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