In The Booth - Episode 5 - Dates

2 months ago

In this episode of In The Booth, our models discuss their ideal first dates and share some negative dating experiences. Find out exactly how to please our babes yourself, which ones prefer dates involving food and cocktails? And which babes prefer fun activities like bowling or mini golf or even adventurous activities like skydiving. Find out what Amber Phoenix, Mikaela Witt and Layla Rose think about nature hikes and meaningful conversations, and which babe would suggest a beach or grassy setting for getting to know their date. Everybody agrees that attention to detail and unexpected, adventurous activities can make a date memorable. They also share negative experiences such as awkward silences and being catfished. Catch up with Stella Paris, Anna Lei, Poppy May and Amber Paige, and update your dating game to keep your girl happy!

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