Blob or Bog?

about 1 month ago
Mr P hosts a fierce competition between Kartel Kay, Dollie Blue and Shinade Star. It's a battle of wits, in which only the worthy can win! When you question; 'A creature you should never find on a carousel' was asked, only Dollie could hold her composure, as Kartel panicked under pressure and announced 'Bog'. Now, last time I checked, a bog wasn't an animal. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel, or if you like the look of any of these models, go private with these hot babes! Dollie Blue is a petite babe, standing at about 5ft, perfect for ragdolling. She's a sub, so any dominant men out there will love this small titty babe. Shinade Star is a smoking hot MILF with long legs and a filthy mouth. And we all know Kartel, the sexy ebony brunette known for her appearances on Night TV and her filthy pervcam shows!

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