Dating Advice For The Boys!

2 months ago
Down on your luck? Not had any MILF pussy for a while? Getting ghosted on the regular? Well lucky for you, Stella Paris and Annie Mae are her to give you some advice! Stella is a hot, Eastern European babe with a love of anal and dominating men! When she gets into the bedroom, she turns ravenous, deepthroating cock, rubbing pussy and taking cock like no body else, but you need to get past the date first! Her best piece of advice to to not patronise her. Needless to say she wasn't happy when Mr P tried to explain what 'patronise' means. Some people just don't wanna accept help. Annie Mae is a curvy brunette babe who likes it when a guy is on time. Nothing gives her the ick more than a guy not appreciating her time. Ironic for anyone who looks at the schedule and knows what time Annie's meant to start work everyday.

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