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Babestation Daytime - The Home of Phone Sex

Babestation Daytime has been through a number of iterations in its evolution. From the early days of ”'The Chat” a daytime premium rate chat show, featuring two models sat at a desk who would encourage viewers to text in to discuss the topics of the day or chat about their own lives.

Sometimes they would even play out voice recordings live on air, which had been screened by Mr. P Sometimes Mr. P would take in the show as a voice behind the camera who helped move things along.

Then there was “Lads Lounge” which broadcast Live Babeshows on the early morning Babe Channels from 2009, and featured models taking calls and answering text messages from viewers, giving them a topic of discussion to chat about on the air.

Over time, Lads Lounge was replaced by “Bikini Babes” and later in the day, two babeshows ran simultaneously on channels 909 and 910, Babestation Daytime and Babestation Daytime Xtra.

In those days there was also a dedicated presenter who would orchestrate interviews with the models before sending them off to 'hit the beds' and start taking phone calls. Sometimes they would play interactive games with the texting audience, the most popular of which, 'Rate My Pic' encouraged viewers to send in pictures of themselves to be rated by the girls who would write their scores on a white board. You can imagine which part of themselves the viewers would most commonly send in!

Nowadays, the Babestation Dayshow serves a whole new interactive audience, incorporating the Pervcam like never before and making it possible for fans and viewers to get interactive with the babes in a far more adult way by giving them the opportunity to take them off TV for a private one-to-one cam show. With interactive vibratoys and a tip option to reach the babe's tip goals and bring on an extra naughty performance!

Daily Babeshows

Whether you’re after a busty blonde, a naughty redhead, or a classy brunette, the options on our Babe Channels are endless!

We’ll have exactly what you’re looking for, and if you’re looking for something a little more extreme, check out our VIP Members Area. It’ll fulfil your dreams with as much naughty content as you can possibly imagine.

You can watch Babestation’s Babes every day via our Live Babe Shows. Watch, call, and interact in real time with our Babes. Take your babe for a private one-on-one show, where you can get the ultimate interactive experience, watch her through our Pervcam feature, send her tips, and even buzz her Vibratoy while she plays with herself for your pleasure.

Babestation Daytime Babes

Hannah Claydon

Among the most sought after skilled performers in the sector is Hannah Claydon. She began modeling when she was eighteen years old and hasn't stopped since. Hannah can keep any Babestation Daytime caller extremely happy just by looking good; she has blonde hair and a voluptuous, busty physique.

During daytime live shows Hannah has to behave herself, somewhat. Some people saw her get pranked with sticky feet, the video of which you can see here

Daisy Dillon

Daisy Dillon is a woman who has it all. She has the enthusiasm for music, is not afraid to get down and dirty, and has the witticisms to keep you entertained.

With her cheery and vibrant personality, this former bailiff and fashion model is breaking through our screens. She is a gym warrior who takes good care of herself and has a great time with her callers, making her an instant fav at Babestation! She is always laughing and has a huge following!

She is always willing to explore your fetishes and fantasies, such as spanking, feet, cigarettes, bondage, and other things! She enjoys conversing with individuals from all walks of life.

Amber Paige

is a sexy pole dancer with a diamond attitude and hot body! Amber joined our webcam site in May 2020 and made an immediate impression on the punters - so much so we just had to get her into the Babestation studio and get her out to that wider audience! Watch this Amber Paige 10 questions video and get a good look at Amber Paige

Mia Middleton

Mia may have the 'butter wouldn’t melt' look written all over her face, but her Pervcam viewers and her naughty chat callers know her very differently! The cheeky little minx is no angel, so don’t be fooled guys, it’s always the quiet ones! She absolutely loves showing off her nude and topless form! 

We got a couple of our hot Babestation Daytime babes together to see who comes out on top in a game of FIFA. It took them a bit of getting used to but they seemed to enjoy themselves! See whothe FIFA champion was out of Aemelia Fox & Mia Middleton.


Tanya, our curvy Babestation Daytime stunner, is one of our exotic beauties. She's cheerful, mischievous, and outgoing. Tanya can be mischievous as well as naughty, and she can be a bit of a tomboy!

Tanya is the gorgeous lady for you if you want to get in touch with a girl who is great to chat with and guaranteed to make you feel happy. Tanya will definitely make you smile!

Vicky Narni

Vicky Narni, who portrays herself as a bit of a dancer and will always show you a few moves if you ask nicely, is usually one of the most animated models in the Babestation Daytime studio. Vicky Narni is also fantastic at providing PJs in our Naughty Chat studio, and will happily expose her body on camera and spend a lot of time discussing her passion for leather & latex.