European Babe - Stella Paris

When she's not naked and fully spreading her legs on BSX or wanking off her dildo, Stella Paris is performing live for her loving fans. With nothing she wouldn't do, the ex Studio66 and Redlight Central babe is often found twerking oil off her booty on cams. Whatever your fetish is, its hers too, having tried everything Stella from Squirting to anal rimming to fucking herself with fruit, veg and kitchen appliances. You know you'll always get a great and whacky show in pervcam. When she's not getting filthy with her fans, this Eastern European blonde is jumping on the Babestation show talking about all sorts, including her eclectic knowledge of fetishes and fetish culture, Almost exclusively found on night shows, make sure you check the schedule to check when she's next live, or alternatively, Stella Paris videos are available so go to the VIP Members Area to see all of the naughty things she likes to get up to.

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