The History & Babes of Red Light Central

What is Red Light Central?

Phil Barry from Bristol, a porn and mainstream video producer, founded Red Light Central with the help of his Pumpkin Studios firm. As a result of Lollypop gate forcing Bang Babes to shut, Barry opted to start his own babeshow Red Light Central.

Red Light Central had the best sets of any of the live babeshows, being based in Bristol's vast Pumpkin Studios. Red Light had the luxury of a space that London-based shows like Babestation Studio66 TV and Xpanded could only dream about.

Red Light Central a.k.a Red Light TV was a live babeshow that was shown on SKY Channels 902, 910, 932 and 933 and broadcast live from Red Light Central house Bristol

Red Light Central also broadcast Playboy TV and throughout it’s time on our TV screens was one of the top four babe channels to broadcast across the Adult section of the EPG along with Studio 66/S66Cams, Xpanded and of course, Babestation.  One of Red Light Central’s most unique features was the high level of realism they incorporated into their sets.  Utilising high production values to create believable environments for the phone sex operators to perform in.  For example, the bar set was featured a full-size bar, with drinks bottles behind the counter, fully lit and with enough space for three or four babes to occupy comfortably.  Then in another part of the studio you could see an airplane set with a full cross-section of a passenger plane, complete with genuine airplane seats for the girls to role-play as cabin crew or perhaps even horny passengers on the caller’s fantasy sex flight.  Perhaps it was the partnership with Playboy that helped make this kind of attention to detail possible and give Red Light Central such a unique place in the visual aesthetic of the babe shows as we know them.

While for many, Red Light Central can only hope to achieve third or second place in the all-time best live babeshows, for some it holds the top spot because of it’s consistency and ability to claim some of the biggest names in live, cheap phonesex, live sex cams and the British porn industry from the early days of their career, names such as:

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Ruby Summers who’s fully naked, fully open leg webshows are guaranteed to please and can be viewed again by joining the Babestation VIP members area.

Jenna Hoskins, when she used to appear on screen with her friend and fellow dirty blonde and Red Light Central favourite, Lucy Summers they used to get up to all sorts of filthy fun together. Some of their old BSX girl on girl sex shows go down among the classics.

Sarah Daniels is the veteran of the babeshows, who has appeared across the spectrum of adult babe channels and is still getting pulses racing on Babestation’s pervcam currently. If you want to catch up with Sarah, you can by finding her next show time on the Babestation Schedule.

Delia Rose is another long standing babeshow and webcam model who’s filthy shows can be enjoyed on Babestation cams, look out for her next team up with Bella Mendez for some of the hottest lesbian action on the web.


Red Light Central Babe of The Year

Voted by the fans on the babeshow forum these are the Queens of Red Light Central

2011 Queen Dannii Harwood

2012 Queen Jennifer Jade

2013 Queen Yasmine James

2014 Queen Electra

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