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Those of you that have been fans of the live babeshows for a long time will know all about the legend that is Lori Buckby. We should probably have some Lori Buckby Babestation furniture made up, as she is definitely part of ours! Lori Buckby joined us back in the relative early days of the UK Babe Channels, all the way back in 2006, when she was a hot young blonde joining our roster of girls on Babestation Daytime. She went on to become one of the biggest names in our little industry, keeping the punters entertained with her own brand of adult phone chat on Babestation Nights. If you're looking for Lori Buckby porn, you'll be looking for a long time, it doesn't exist, but if you want to see Lori Buckby nude, we have you covered in the Babestation VIP Members Area.

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