Jennifer Jade

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Jennifer Jade's Profile

Jennifer Jade's Profile


Jennifer has had quite a colourful life in the lead up to Babestation. She began her career in the public eye when she left school and formed a girl band. They were relatively successful, but when this ended, she decided to pursue her own music career for a while before ending up as an air stewardess (imagine being served by Jennifer Jade!)

She was picked up for babe channel work following a continuation of her music career. A guy who was shooting a music video featuring Jennifer did some pictures for her and put them on a well known modelling site; and before too long, and a couple of detours, here she is on the number one Babe Channel in the UK!

Sex and the ideal man

Jennifer Jade really gets into her job, and she loves pretty much everything sexually. She loves all ends of the spectrum, right up to being "taken advantage of" as she so eloquently says! She's no stranger to foursome activity either. She went out one night in her "Wonder Woman" pants and ended up in a two guys, two girls situation; she is in her own words "a dirty bitch!" She'd love to get into a gang bang, dogging scenario too. She says it's the "randomness" of it that turns her on.

When it comes to men Jennifer Jade doesn't really go for looks. She's quite the romantic, and believes in there being a definite "chemistry" between two people. Jennifer isn't used to money men, and this doesn't really do it for her, she's quite the independent young woman. Personality tops everything with this Babestation stunner fellas. She says "sex can be taught, personality can't;" so remember that when you call her.

Top Tips

Jennifer Jade has a thing for nice voices that can be quite dirty. When she gets someone she likes she really does, genuinely get into it. Jennifer is a big believer in the fact that if you're touching your body all night long and listening to filth you've got to really be getting into it!

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