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Amazonian Charlie - 6ft 5” Without heels- 49” long legs - 100% British Happiness is Charlie Shaped I Can Expose You To Erotic Delights Of The Highest Order Fetish, Taboo & Roleplay Friendly, Giantess Fetish, JOI Content.

Amazonian Charlie Babestation specialise in a handful of unique kinks & fetishes such as being a giantess, an Amazonian Goddess, providing exceptionally high quality and dick-tingling JOl, worship wanking and SPH to name a few. She is a straightforward yet direct Goddess. Plucky, quick, intensely passionate and intellectual. A through and through creature of pleasure and flirty exhibitionist.

Relentlessly curious and eager to explore with a highly erotic personality and thirst for teasing. A flair for receiving genuine worship from male admirers and watching them wank over her refined exterior pleases her on a daily basis! Amazonian Charlie xxx boasts eyes like praline and tousled hair to match. She stands 6ft 5” like a true Amazonian Charlie porn Goddess, with 45” long legs Amazonian Charlie naked demands to be worshipped. Ask her to slip on a pair of 6" or 10” heels and watch her grow in height, standing before you as you masturbate and show her your admiration.

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Akin to a statuesque goddess yet equally as likely to be purring on a chaise in my lingerie, Amazonian Charlie nude is your natural choice when you crave sexual escape and erotic pleasure. Elegant and refined but naughty always. Amazonian Charlie nudes is fit, flexible, immensely tall, and full of sexual energy. You can expect her to be sensual, erotic, genuinely intimate, and most of all: big and tall! Laughter is always the best foreplay and in her opinion, so are intellectual conversations with a healthy mix of dirty talk and sexual conversation. Amazonian Charlie pussy loves to get touched while she watches men masturbate, especially when she can see they are doing it specifically over her and showing her their worship through the act of masturbation. Charlie takes great care to facilitate desires, fantasies and relaxation no matter how taboo or dirty the requests may be. Charlie curates bespoke experiences, and if she can say so herself, there are few who can compete with her when it comes to custom content and sexual escape for her clients

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