Amelia Brookes

Amelia Brookes on Babestation TV


This sexy brunette webcam model is fairly new to the world of glamour but in these few short years, she has made a huge impact. Her exotic looks and curvaceous frame have made her a firm favourite among babe channel fans. With her gyrating hips, husky voice and 36EE natural chest, her loyal followers have compared her to cartoon bombshell Jessica Rabbit.

Amelia loves to flash the flesh and with a body like hers, who can blame her?!? She counts her best asset as her booty and likes to frame her gorgeous round bum with
lace french knickers or a pair of low cut denim hotpants. Amelia is a dominant person by nature and will take charge of any situation whether it be in business in or the bedroom.

When Amelia isn't webcamming or getting frisky on Babestation she enjoys going to the cinema or dining out friends. She describes her ideal date as a few drinks in a cocktail bar, followed by 'Netflix and chill'. What a saucy minx!
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