Anna Shapiro

Anna Shapiro on Babestation TV


Blonde starlet Anna, originally from Moscow, Russia, might look like your usual big-breasted glamour girl, but she is so much more! This bombshell started on her glamour path by shooting saucy lingerie pics and appearing in lads mags - but that's where the similarity to other glamour models ends. Anna ran in more powerful circles and has even been linked to Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Anna was involved in a big tabloid scandal in September 2018 after Anna claimed that her husband, Alex King had been poisoned by Russian assassins during a visit to a well-known pizza chain. It's like the plot to a bond film - this babe would certainly make the perfect Bond girl!

However, Its not all tabloid gossip and scandals for Anna, as she recently shot her first ever boy/girl scene for Babestation that saw her dressed as a French maid and showing off her flexibility and taking it from behind. It was truly hot stuff! Head to the members area to check her out in all her glory!