Electra on Babestation TV


Electra's desire to be a glamour glamour started when she was just 13 years and would steal her brothers Playboy magazines. She would spend hours gazing at the glossy photos of the glamorous women and was determined to be like them one day. Her parents brushed it of as "just a phase" but as soon as Electra finished college, she kept true to her word and landed a prestigious photoshoot with FHM magazine. After that, the shoots kept rolling in and Electra became the glamour princess that
she always dreamed of.

This classic blonde beauty keeps her tight body in check with regular high intensity cardio workouts mixed with heavy weight training. She firmly believes in striking
a healthy balance in life so when she isn't in the gym she attends meditation classes to clear her mind of any stresses from the day.

Electra enjoys painting, going to the cinema and dining out with her closest friends. She tries not to get wrapped up in the materialistic side of the glamour industry and believes the best things in life are free.
Electra in a black body suit and high heels showing bum kneeling
Electra legs up laying on floor black lingerie
Electra in black body suit and heels laying on her side
Electra in black body suit
Electra in black skirt and red bra on her knees legs apart
Electra in black dress stockings and heels sitting on the bed